Digital Artist || Spanish. English.

A bit about me!I'm a Venezuelan artist who's been working on digital commissions for the last five years, known online as Deesketchs or just Dee for short. My specialty is drawing and designing centaur-like creatures and other fantasy inspired characters.I graduated as a graphic designer in 2012 and actively worked in that field until May of 2019. Within that period, I had the pleasure of being hired full-time as one of the lead designers in the publicity department of a national airline in Venezuela, and as the graphic designer of an auto part company within the same country.Drawing has been my outlet for creative ideas ever since I can remember, so it was no surprise that later I made the choice to pursue something more focused on illustration. I directed my energy towards working on customized pieces for private clients; make cute animal designs for merchandise and stickers; and develop stories and comics of my own characters on the side as a personal project of mine.

For work inquiries: [email protected]You can check my socials and other links on my carrd!